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September 10, 2014


On behalf of the faculty and staff at the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science, I want to extend the warmest of welcomes to the incoming classes of freshmen, transfer and graduate students. They hail from all over California, from 32 other U.S. states including the District of Columbia, and 39 countries. They have demonstrated that they have the potential to be exceptional engineers, and we are eager to educate and guide them. Our curriculum emphasizes analytical thinking, collaboration, ethics, creativity and service to society. As engineering educators, our biggest reward is seeing young students soak up knowledge, harness their skills and become engineers who are responsive to the great challenges of our times.

Also, I want to congratulate Stan Osher, a UCLA professor of mathematics, computer science and electrical engineering, who last month received the Gauss Prize at the International Congress of Mathematicians. [] Stan was recognized for “influential contributions to several fields in applied mathematics, and his far-ranging inventions have changed our conception of physical, perceptual, and mathematical concepts, giving us new tools to apprehend the world.” This is the highest honor in applied mathematics.

Finally, I want to recognize two alumni families for their extraordinary generosity that will mean so much to the school and our students for many years to come.

Ernst and Sara Volegenau have donated $2 million to support an endowed faculty chair. [] Ernst, a distinguished Ph.D. alumnus of the school, is an accomplished engineer and executive, and this new chair will help the school attract and retain excellent faculty.

Professor Oscar Stafsudd Jr., a triple alumnus of UCLA and a member of the engineering faculty for 47 years, along with his wife Jacqueline, also a UCLA graduate, have given an estate gift worth $1 million to support the Electrical Engineering Department. []

Both families have emphasized how much UCLA has meant in their lives and careers. At this time, I want to encourage all of our alumni to think back to how the school has helped shape their lives. Wherever you are in your career, you can make a difference for UCLA Engineering.[].






Vijay K. Dhir


osher-100px Longtime UCLA Professor Earns Highest Honor in Applied Mathematics
Stanley Osher, UCLA professor of mathematics, computer science and electrical engineering, is the third person ever to be awarded the prestigious Gauss Prize, the highest honor in applied mathematics.

volgenaus-100px Gift from Volgenaus Establishes Endowed Chair
UCLA Engineering has received a $2 million gift from Sara Volgenau and her husband, UCLA alumnus and former faculty member Ernst Volgenau, to establish the Volgenau Chair in Engineering.


Professor and Family Give $1 Million to UCLA Engineering
Oscar Stafsudd Jr. earned three degrees from UCLA and has been a member of the UCLA Engineering faculty for 47 years. Now Stafsudd and his wife, Jacqueline, also a UCLA graduate, have made a gift of $1 million to UCLA Engineering.

other news

UCLA-led Consortium to Develop New Internet Architecture
Universities and corporations are working together to promote the adoption of Named Data Networking. The NDN team’s goal is to build a more secure and flexible replacement for TCP/IP, the current underlying approach to all communication over the Internet. UCLA team members include professors Lixia Zhang, Van Jacobson and Jeff Burke.
UCLA Researchers Win $2M Grant to Study Nanoscale 2DL Materials
UCLA researchers, led by Yu Huang, associate professor of materials science and engineering, has received a $2-million grant from the National Science Foundation to explore new approaches to assembling nanoscale materials, known as two-dimensional layered materials, or 2DLMs.
Institute for Technology Advancement Tapped for New NSF Innovation Center
UCLA Engineering's ITA is part of a new center to translate scientific and engineering research into technology for the marketplace. The new center is part of the NSF Innovation Corps initiative, which is aimed at fostering innovation throughout the U.S.
Faculty Voice: Earthquakes Pose a Hazard to California's Water Supply
A quake close to the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta could affect supplies of fresh water for 25 million Californians. The op-ed, by Scott J. Brandenberg and Jonathan P. Stewart of UCLA's Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, appeared in the Los Angeles Times.
Superhydrophobic Surfaces – Slippery Even Under Turbulence
Researchers led by mechanical and aerospace engineering professor CJ Kim, have proven super-hydrophobic surfaces perform well under turbulent conditions. Microscale grooves trap a film of air and allow water to “slip” over the engineered surface, rather than “stick” to the surface.
Breaking the Code for 3-D Printing
A team led by Pirouz Kavehpour, associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, has defined precise parameters for a 3-D printing process, which could give users of the technology control over what they print down to microscopic resolutions.
Engineers Collaborate on Light-Emitting Semiconductor on Silicon Using Graphene
UCLA Engineering researchers, led by Professor Kang L. Wang, in collaboration with colleagues at UC Irvine and UC Riverside, developed a new growth technique using ultra-thin graphene.
Wireless Health Institute Develops Biosensor for Post-Surgery Treatment
UCLA study: A disposable plastic listening device that attaches to the abdomen may help doctors definitively determine which post-operative patients should be fed and which should not, an invention that may improve outcomes, decrease healthcare costs and shorten hospital stays.
UCLA Undergrads Build Entire Satellite on Campus
To conduct research on space weather, an enterprising group of UCLA undergraduates is manufacturing the first satellite built entirely on the UCLA campus.

media watch

Network World
UCLA, Cisco & More Join Forces to Replace TCP/IP

Big name academic and vendor organizations unveiled a consortium that's pushing Named Data Networking (NDN), an emerging Internet architecture designed to better accommodate data and application access in an increasingly mobile world. UCLA has been particularly involved in the NDN effort. The news was also carried in GigaOm and Slashdot.

Los Angeles Times
Op-Ed: Earthquakes Pose a Hazard to Much of California's Fresh Water
A quake close to the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta could affect supplies of fresh water for 25 million Californians. Co-authors are Scott J. Brandenberg and Jonathan P. Stewart, vice chairman and chairman, respectively, of the UCLA Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

CBS News
Could the Next Big Earthquake Rock the U.S. Economy?

"[California] doesn't really have a mandatory seismic upgrade ordinance covering any kind of building," said Thomas Sabol, a professor at UCLA''s Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. "That's usually left to the discretion of cities and counties."

Los Angeles Times
USC, UCLA, Caltech get Joint Grant to Fuel Tech Start-Ups in L.A.

With funding from the National Science Foundation, three of the top universities in Southern California are teaming up to supply instruction, events and research aimed at helping technology start-ups flourish. Professor Dwight Streit, director of the Institute for Technology Advancement (ITA), was quoted in the article.

Chemical  & Engineering News
Peptide-Drug Conjugate Kills Persistent Bacterial Cells

Antibiotics: Adding a peptide that penetrates cell membranes to an existing antibiotic allows the drug to enter bacterial sleeper cells that can cause chronic infections. The research was led by UCLA bioengineering professors Gerard Wong and Andrea Kasko.
Nanoparticles Find New Role in Process Control

Nanomaterials are different in many ways from their macro-scale counterparts. That’s why they are interesting and useful for new technology. A new technique actually uses nanomaterials to control macro-scale processing. In a paper entitled, “Rapid control of phase growth by nanoparticles,” researchers at UCLA describe how the process works.

IEEE Spectrum
Mathematical Obfuscation Against Hackers Is Focus of New Cybersecurity Center

Turning computer code into a kind of math puzzle may hold the key to protecting software from hackers. A consortium of universities developing the idea, called mathematical obfuscation, recently received a $5 million grant from the U.S. government as part of a broader cybersecurity initiative. The center is headquartered at UCLA and led by computer science professor Amit Sahai.

Baseball Bat With an Axe Handle Brings More Power, Fewer Injuries
A biomechanical study by UCLA engineering professor Vijay Gupta showed that a baseball bat with an oval-shaped axe handle is more comfortable, delivers more power and speed, and reduces injuries when compared with traditional bats. The news was also featured in USA Today.

Compound Semiconductor
Researchers Show New Way of Growing III-V Layers on Si
UCLA researchers, in collaboration with colleagues at UC Irvine and UC Riverside, have come up with a new way of depositing smooth GaAs films on silicon substrates using graphene buffer layers in between. The principal investigator on the research was Kang L. Wang.

NBC Today Show
'Bald So Hard': Cancer Patient Channels Jay-Z in Funny Rap Video

How do you pass the time when cancer treatment means you're largely confined to your hospital room for weeks on end? Tom Gillin, a 19-year-old civil engineering student at UCLA, made a less-than-obvious choice: He filmed a funny rap video channeling Jay-Z via the cancer ward at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.


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