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March 11, 2015

On March 19, the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science will open Engineering VI, our highly anticipated new building in the heart of campus. Engineering VI will be a hub for interdisciplinary research, education, and entrepreneurship, supporting the leading role our faculty and students play in developing the technologies of tomorrow.

This first phase will host state-of-the-art labs for research in nanotechnology, green energy and next-generation semiconductors, as well as the Garrick Institute for the Risk Sciences and the school’s incubator for start-up companies and applied technologies.

On the same day Phase I opens, we will break ground for Phase II. This second and final phase will be the new home for our Computer Science Department, and will include a technology-enabled 250-seat auditorium, labs for research on advanced materials for a variety of applications, an engineering alumni suite, and more.

When complete, E-VI will add 150,000 square feet of teaching and research space to the school. This project is being financed entirely without support from the state, and I’d like to thank the many donors who have helped make this beautiful facility a reality. 






Vijay K. Dhir


CS Grad Student Receives 2015-16 Microsoft Research Scholarship
Lisa Gai, a UCLA computer science graduate student, has been named a Microsoft Research Graduate Women Scholar for 2015-16. Gai, a member of professor Eleazar Eskin's lab, was one of 10 women selected for the very competitive scholarship.

UCLA Researchers Identify Keys to Improved Polymer Solar Cells
Researchers led by Yang Yang, the Carol and Lawrence E. Tannas Jr. Professor of Engineering at UCLA Engineering, demonstrated improvement in the architecture and performance of polymer cells.

EE Alumni Redesign Devices that Power Computers, Cellphones
In February, Cheng C. Wang and Fang-Li Yuan, who earned doctoral degrees under Professor Dejan Markovic in electrical engineering in 2013 and 2014, respectively, won the top award at the world’s most prestigious conference on integrated circuits. That same research helped them launch a new company.

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Optimizing Cancer Therapy with Nanomedicine Drug Combinations
A group of UCLA researchers has developed a revolutionary approach that brings together traditional drugs and nanotechnology-enhanced medications to create safer and more effective treatments. The research was led by Professors Dean Ho and Chih-Ming Ho.


UCLA, MIT Computational Biologists Fill in Gap for Epigenomics Maps
A pair of computational biologists, including UCLA's Jason Ernst, developed a method that can fill in major gaps in large-scale epigenomics datasets, and used it to refine and expand the most comprehensive map of the human epigenome.


Jalali Receives IET Achievement Medal
Professor Bahram Jalali, the Northrop Grumman Opto-Electronic Chair in Electrical Engineering, has been awarded the Institution of Engineering and Technology 2014 Achievement Medal. He was recognized for "pioneering contributions to silicon photonics and real-time instrumentation and their application in cancer detection."


Best Paper Award to Gerla and Students
Computer science professor Mario Gerla and graduate students Tuan Le and You Lu received the a Best Paper Award by the 2015 International Conference on Computing, Networking and Communications (ICNC). The paper was titled, "Social Caching and Content Retrieval in Disruption Tolerant Networks (DTNs)."


Dunn Receives Major Grant for Stem Cell Therapies
Dr. James Dunn, UCLA professor of bioengineering and surgery, was one of 20 researchers to receive funding for research into stem cell therapies from the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine.


Jarrahi Was Keynote Speaker at Photonics Conference
Mona Jarrahi, associate professor of electrical engineering, was a keynote speaker at the SPIE Photonics West Conference held in February in San Francisco. Her talk was titled "Plasmonic Terahertz Optoelectronics."


Madni Was Keynote Speaker at Conference on Automation Robotics
Adjunct Professor Asad M. Madni was the keynote speaker on the topic of emerging technologies at the 2015 IEEE International Conference on Automation Robotics and Applications (ICARA).

media watch

Popular Science
Smart Necklace Analyzes What Goes Down Your Throat

A new smart necklace aims to rid us of our eating sins by automatically guessing the portions and contents of our meals. The device is called WearSens, and it was developed by UCLA engineers to provide more accountability over what we devour. The device’s co-developer, Majid Sarrafzadeh, professor of computer science and electrical engineering, and co-director of the Wireless Health Institute, is quoted in the article.
The news was also carried by CBS News; People; New York Magazine; The New York Daily News; The Daily Mail (U.K.); Yahoo Lifestyle UK; and MTV News.

PBS NewsHour (video)
Can Modern Prosthetics Actually Help Reclaim the Sense of Touch?

“In a perfect world, if we did our job right, you wouldn’t even know we’d done our job," said Veronica Santos, UCLA associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering. "Your prosthetic hand would feel like your native limb, where all of the robotics, algorithms and intelligence that we have built in at the very low level acts just like your spinal cord. You don’t even know they’re there. All you know is, it’s more fun to use this arm, it’s easier to use the arm, and our job would be done."

Not Bad For A Couple Of Ph.D.s

Two Ph.D.s  from UCLA have won the International Solid-State Circuits Conference’s prestigious Lewis Winner Award, a trophy normally taken home by big teams from huge companies like Toshiba, Analog Devices, Sandisk and IBM. Cheng C. Wang and Fang-Li Yuan, now with start-up Flex Logix and co-authors Tsung-Han Yu and UCLA electrical engineering professor Dejan Markovic, were members of the team.

The New York Times
Op-Talk: An Easier Way to Fight Bullying?

People may be afraid of judging others directly online because it may impact their own reputation, said Mihaela van der Schaar, a professor of electrical engineering at UCLA who has studied reputation on social networks. And they may prefer to express disapproval for a particular behavior, rather than for a person. “If there is the opportunity to differentiate between rating the particular behavior” and rating the user, “that may help,” she said.

Popular Science
Smart Necklace Analyzes What Goes Down Your Throat

A new smart necklace aims to rid us of our eating sins by automatically guessing the portions and contents of our meals. The device is called WearSens, and it was developed by UCLA engineers to provide more accountability over what we devour. The device’s co-developer, Majid Sarrafzadeh, professor of computer science and electrical engineering, and co-director of the Wireless Health Institute, is quoted in the article.

Communications of the ACM
With Google Glass App Developed at UCLA, Scientists Can Analyze Plants' Health in Seconds

UCLA researchers have developed a Google Glass application that enables the wearer to quickly analyze the health of a plant without damaging it. "This will allow a scientist to get readings walking from plant to plant in a field of crops, or look at many different plants in a drought-plagued area and accumulate plant health data very quickly," says UCLA professor Aydogan Ozcan. Also carried in the Daily Bruin.

Slow Motion at the Speed of Light

New technology developed by collaborators at the University of Arizona and UCLA provides real-time monitoring of streaming video to optimize network traffic. Researchers led by Bahram Jalali at UCLA and Nasser Peyghambarian at the University of Arizona developed a system achieved real-time data acquisition and processing at a record 1.2 terabits per second—about 10 times faster than currently available technology.

Business Insider
54 Women Who Rocked the Tech World

Business Insider featured the Notable Women in Computing Playing Cards Project, whose goal is to highlight women who are leaders in computing. UCLA computer science professor Lixia Zhang, holder of the Jonathan B. Postel Chair in Computer Systems and lead principal investigator of the Named Data Networking Project, is featured as the 4 of Diamonds.

Popular Science
Hacked Hardware Could Cause the Next Security Breach

In a recent report for the Brookings Institution, John Villasenor, a professor of electrical engineering and public policy at University of California at Los Angeles, wrote, “The laws of statistics guarantee that there are people with the skills, access, and motivation to intentionally compromise a chip design.”

Daily Bruin
Student Creates Video-Sharing App with Limited View System

Over the course of six months, UCLA computer science student Ryan Trihernawan spent more than 1,000 hours sitting in front of his computer, his eyes straining, his fingers aching from typing ceaseless lines of code. He said he hoped that one day, the letters and numbers would perfectly align to form the project that he had envisioned. The result: ShuutMe, a video-sharing application with a twist.


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