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December 10, 2014

The end of the year traditionally marks a time for reflection, and for giving thanks. With that in mind, on behalf of the faculty and students here at the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science, I want to offer my sincere thanks and appreciation to all of the staff for their hard work, dedication, professionalism and excellence.

In many ways and on every day, staff members make vital contributions to the school’s three-part mission of teaching, research and service. At this time, I’d like to recognize them:

* Staff at building services and materiel management services, who maintain complex equipment and keep the school running on a daily basis.
* Counselors and academic affairs staff, who help all of our students from acceptance to graduation.
* Department, research center, institute, dean’s and school staff, who support administration, faculty and students across many areas.
* External Affairs staff, who advocate on behalf of the school with our alumni, friends and industry partners.
* Outreach specialists, who lead programs that connect us to K-12 schools and young students.
* Staff of the R&D Shops and nano and micro fabrication laboratories, who create critical parts and materials for research and teaching.
* Researchers and engineers, who work on advanced experiments at the cutting edge of knowledge.
* SEASNet technical staff, who oversee the school’s computing resources.

Finally, I would like to wish all of you happy holidays and best wishes for 2015.






Vijay K. Dhir


UCLA Team Wins Grant to Tackle Concussions Among Football Players
A team of researchers from UCLA and Architected Materials who are developing breakthrough technology to reduce the number and severity of head injuries to football players was named a winner of the Head Health Challenge II.

UCLA Engineers Create ‘Superomniphobic’ Texture
Researchers from UCLA Engineering have created the first surface texture that can repel all liquids, no matter what comprises the material. Because its design relies only on the physical attributes of the texture, the texture could have industrial or biomedical applications.

Alumni, Faculty and Students Honored at 2014 Awards Dinner
The UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science honored accomplished alumni, faculty and students at the school’s annual awards dinner on Nov. 21.

other news

New Semiconductor Device Could Lead to Better Photodetectors
UCLA researchers, led by Yang Yang, UCLA's Carol and Lawrence E. Tannas Jr. Professor of Engineering, have developed a perovskite photodetector that could reduce manufacturing costs and improve the quality of medical and commercial light sensors.

New Method for Methanol Processing Could Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Researchers led by James C. Liao. UCLA's Ralph M. Parsons Foundation Professor of Chemical Engineering, have developed a more efficient way to turn methanol into useful chemicals, such as liquid fuels. The method also could reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

HKUST Awards Honorary Doctorate to Chih-Ming Ho
Chih-Ming Ho, UCLA's Ben Rich Lockheed Martin Professor of Engineering, received a Doctor of Engineering honoris causa from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Ho was also recently elected as a Fellow of the International Society of Nano Manipulation, Manufacturing and Measurement.

Airbus Americas Gives School Cutting-Edge Aircraft Part
UCLA mechanical and aerospace engineering students will be able to analyze the composition, structure, thermal and other properties of a piece of cutting-edge commercial aircraft equipment, thanks to a donation from Airbus Americas.

UCLA Engineering 2014 Alumnus of the Year Video
B. John Garrick MS '62, PhD '68 was honored at the UCLA Engineering Awards dinner with the Alumnus of the Year award. The video highlights his pioneering work in the risk sciences.

2014 UCLA Engineering Highlights Video
The 2014 UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science video highlights the school's accomplishments and new initiatives. The video spotlights the school's robotics faculty, Tech Camp, and the Center for Excellence in Engineering and Diversity (CEED).

media watch

'Bed of Nails' Surfaces Just Won’t Get Wet

Researchers from UCLA Engineering reported that they’ve engineered glass and metal surfaces to repel virtually all fluids. To do so, they etched the surfaces to resemble a bed of nails, with the heads of the nails—each 20 micrometers across—facing up. The UCLA researchers included Chang-Jin “CJ” Kim, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering and post-doctoral scholar Tingyi “Leo” Liu, a Ph.D. alumnus of the school. The news was also carried in: LiveScience; Yahoo! News; Fox NewsNautilus Magazine; the Daily Mail (U.K.): Die Welt (Germany); the Daily News;; R&D Magazine; Long Beach Press-Telegram; and the Santa Monica Mirror.

Designing Robots to Help in Disasters
Dennis Hong, a UCLA roboticist, is one of several engineers racing to make robots that can come to the rescue in disasters. He and others from academia, industry, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab and DARPA traveled to Fukushima this spring to see what they were up against.

Physics Today
Precision Plasma Wakefield Acceleration

Accelerators based on plasmas, which can sustain electric fields orders of magnitude larger than conventional accelerators, could one day be a smaller and cheaper alternative. But the precision engineering required to accelerate particles efficiently and uniformly has been a challenge. Now UCLA's Chandrashekhar Joshi and colleagues at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have made a leap forward.

Los Angeles Times
Medical and Tech Researchers See Smartphones as Health's Next Frontier

In clinical settings, researchers and technologists are trying to assemble the empirical evidence needed to persuade health systems and insurers to embrace — and pay for — large-scale mobile health systems. Dr. Bruce Dobkin, co-director at UCLA's Wireless Health Institute, is quoted in the article, which is the first in a series.

Los Angeles Times
UCLA-Backed M-Health Project Aids At-Risk Women Using Fitness App

Many mobile health, or "m-health," programs are in their infancy. But researchers and advocates for underserved, hard-to-reach patient groups hope they soon will contribute to major advances in the treatment of diabetes, heart disease and other chronic conditions. Nabil Alshurafa, a Ph.D. student and researcher at UCLA's Wireless Health Institute, is cited in the article, which is the second in a series.

Laser Focus World
High Power Terahertz Radiation at Room Temperature

Researchers at UCLA, led by Mona Jarrahi, associate professor of electrical engineering, have used plasmonic photomixing to develop a room-temperature terahertz source with not only high spectral purity and broad tunability, but with nearly 1 mW of optical power at terahertz frequencies—significantly higher than previously demonstrated photomixing-based terahertz radiation sources.

Bloomberg Businessweek
Keyssa Promises to Let You 'Kiss' Your Cords Goodbye

The magazine profiles Keyssa, a company spun out of technology developed by Frank Chang, UCLA’s Wintek Professor of Electrical Engineering and chair of the Electrical Engineering Department.

New Scientist
Free Bitcoin for Students: How Will they Spend It?

What happens when you hand college students free cash? That's the question behind an experiment playing out in Cambridge, Mass. Starting last month, $100 worth of bitcoins were being given to students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. John Villasenor, UCLA professor of electrical engineering and public policy, is quoted.

Justine Bateman on Pulling Off a Major Midlife Career Pivot

"I’m Justine Bateman. I’m 48. I’m a college junior at UCLA." So reads the header on Justine Bateman’s Tumblr page (titled "College Life"), where for the last three years the former "Family Ties" star has been chronicling what it’s like to not only go to college later in life, but to go to college for something really, really hard. In 2016, Bateman will graduate with a degree in digital management and computer science, having slogged through classes in everything from Java to C++ to CS111.

Daily Bruin
UCLA Local Hack Day Offers Programming Experience for Students

UCLA was one of 33 schools that participated in Local Hack Day events across the country Dec. 6.  The UCLA Association for Computing Machinery organized the event at UCLA, which was free and open to anyone interested.


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