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Student SEM Image Contest 2014

Striking and beautiful microscopic images of tiny materials and objects are often developed in UCLA laboratories while conducting research.

Some of the most striking images from the current school year were recently honored in the fifth annual Best SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) Image Contest. The contest is sponsored by the Molecular and Nano Archaeology Laboratory, a joint venture between the Materials Science and Engineering Department at the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science and the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA.

More than 150 researchers use the lab’s SEM Nova Nano 230 microscope, made by FEI Co.
Winners of the MNA Award were determined by associate professor Ioanna Kakoulli, Christian Fischer and Sergey Prikhodko, co-directors of the MNA Lab, and past winner Jonathan Quan. The FEI Tony Award was judged this year by FEI representative Tony Carpenter. This year MSE  student Yuan-Wei Edward Chang won first prize in both categories for an image called “Magnesium Shuffle.”

SEM-2014-Yuan-Wei-Edward-Chang  "Magnesium Shuffle"
Yuan-Wei Edward Chang
Materials Science and Engineering
First Place MNA Award and First Place FEI Tony Award
Image of a magnesium micropillar after compression. Shear bands of approximately 45 degrees are observed.
sem-2014-David-Rivera "Mo Coated Re Dendrites"
David Rivera
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Second place MNA Award and Second Place FEI Tony Award
Molybdenum-coated Rhenium dendrites, which is a type of crystal. They could be used in fusion reactors or electric propulsion devices.

sem-2014-Danielle-Casillas  "Ordered Avalanche"
Danielle Casillas
Materials Science and Engineering
Third Place FEI Tony Award
Inverse opals of ceria-zirconia formed by a colloidal crystal templating process.
 "Carbon Honeycombs"
Chun-Han (Matt) Lai
Materials Science and Engineering
Third Place MNA Award
Ordered carbon skeletons made by a polystyrene colloidal crystal templating process.


L to R: Student winners Chang, Casillas, and Lai.
Tony Carpenter of FEI, presenting awards.