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Alumni Profiles

"The amazing thing isn't just what you can do at UCLA -it's what you can become."

UCLA Engineering regularly profiles outstanding alumni who have made significant contributions to society and their respective fields. Through their work, these individuals embody the school's mission of enhancing engineering excellence.

Venky Harinararyan

Venky Harinararyan MS '90

“You always want to be at a point where you feel you’ve got to figure it out, or you feel you need to solve something that would make people’s lives better. You’ve got to have a focus, a passion in life.”


Eytan Elbaz '95

"Carve your own path, recognize your unique opportunities, and take advantage of whatever tools and resources you can find."


Balu Balakrishnan MS ’76

"I realized it was okay to think completely out of the box. I got that liberation from my professors at UCLA."


Ralph Crump '50

Ralph Crump, who was awarded the UCLA Engineering Alumnus of the Year award in 1967, is the standard bearer for what the moniker “Greatest Generation” has come to mean.

James Easton- thumb

James L. Easton '59

Easton Sports is a household name. And, thanks to the Easton family, aluminum and baseball go together like “peanuts and Cracker Jack.” Yet, its household status was not earned overnight, and aluminum was just the beginning.


Ben Horowitz MS ’90

“My education at UCLA exposed me to almost everything that was going on in computer science at the time. All the things I learned really helped me to understand and gave me the foundation to succeed.”

K. Megan McArthur '93

In October 2008, Space Shuttle Atlantis launched for the last shuttle servicing mission to the Hubble Space Telescope. Aboard the shuttle, was Mission Specialist K. Megan McArthur.
Robyn Woo

Robyn Woo PhD '08

“As a chemical engineer, I was taught to approach problems in a chemical engineering way, in terms of material balance, energy balance and chemical potential.”